UM-X1 Dental Water Flosser-Home Series

Did you know that plaque can form in the gum crevice 20 minutes after food debris is deposited between your teeth? Do you still clean your mouth in the usual way?The traditional toothpick floss is easy to damage the gums and is difficult to remove to the wisdom teeth. The operation is complicated. The toothbrush can only remove the dirt on the surface of the teeth, but cannot clean the hard to reach places such as the gap between the teeth and the gingival crevices behind the teeth.UM-X1 uses the pressure of tap water to form a strong column of water to clean up oral debris and bring a fresh breath.

The Advantage of UM-X1 Dental Water Flosser-Home Series

1. Easy installation -- once installed for life

2. Easy to use -- it is ready to use without adding water for household use

3. Do not occupy space -- stick the handle of the brush head on the wall for easy storage

4. Suitable for mainstream faucet installation

5. Full copper water distributor, one key switch between teeth and faucet

6. Dustproof rack design - pasting on the wall, can be used to prevent the nozzle hanging rack convenient, do not occupy space more health

Note that the following faucets cannot be installed

It is recommended to contact customer service to ask about the size before placing orders

1. Pump pull faucet

2. The water outlet is not round faucet

3. Instant hot faucet

Installation Video of UM-X1 Dental Water Flosser-Home Series

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