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UM-P211 Portable Dental Unit

The cabinet-type dental treatment machine is an indoor treatment unit that integrates the functions of a mobile treatment machine, a storage cabinet, and an instrument tray. It has a removable tray table on the top, which can be easily taken out for replacement or cleaning and disinfection. The built-in drawer of the cabinet can provide ample storage space, which is convenient for the storage and use of instruments and medicines. Special medical casters and fixed handles can make the treatment machine move on any ground according to treatment needs, and can be locked and positioned at the position where it needs to be parked. Its right-angled shape on the back allows it to make good use of the corner space and maximize the use of the consulting room; it has a built-in oil-free silent compressor and a gas tank, and all the comprehensive chairs have all the treatment functions.

Accessories Of UM-P211 Portable Dental Unit

basic Configuration:

Movable cabinet

6 storage drawers

Removable instrument tray

Silent compressor 1

Saliva suction device 1 high and low speed handpiece tube 1 set each

3 way syringe 1

Water purification bottle system 1 set

Sewage bottle system 1 set

Foot switch 1


Dental high and low speed handpieces, fiber optic handpieces

Specifications And Parameters Of UM-P211 Portable Dental Unit

Product Name

Cabinet Dental Treatment Machine

Voltage frequency

110V-240V, 50/60HZ





Working pressure




Net weight


gross weight


Product size


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