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JT-55 (160*60*80~85mm) Dental Lab Workbench

This is 1.6m double technician workstation,a variety of color accessories are available, The work light is combined by sun-light source and 5- inch 300-degree magnifier. Elbow guard surface is covered by elastomer material which makes the elbow more comfortable. The elbow working space can be adjusted in two levels between standard (40cm) and widen (48cm). Hand Gurad Layer Board adjustable any 5-20 angle range. Self-reset air gun is well designed with good texture.

Technical Data of JT-55 (160*60*80~85mm) Dental Lab Workbench


220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz



Air Flow:


Max. Vacuum:


Max. Noise:







80-85cm adjustable

Optional Tabletop:

Fireproofing board, Artificial marble, Stainless steel, Black Granite, Oak solid wood

Standard Components of JT-55 (160*60*80~85mm) Dental Lab Workbench

1.6M Double Technician Workstation

High density of fire prevention board *1
5 inches 500 angle magnifying glass lamp *2 Aluminum alloy shelf assemblies *1
Aluminum alloy frame assemblies *1
C model drawer locker tray *2
Air gun *2
Adjustable elbow support *2pairs
Dust collection assembly(with tempering sector glass dust board) *2
Dust collector *2
Work pans *6
Assistant dust collection *1

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