JT-21 Eelectric Wax Knife

This dental lab electric waxer is for dental, jewelry trade, industry, industry of die carving, wax carving and so on.

Features of JT-21 Eelectric Wax Knife

1.Electric knife you can work at temperatures 50 ℃ to 200 ℃ with button,
2.Electric carving wax knife is more efficient than other wax metal knife.
3.It’s significant advantage is the long use time.
4.The LED visual control button makes the operating more conveniently.
5.2 circuits have been arranged, and they can operate at the same time.
6.The working temperature can be kept even after power off.
7.Two temperture way display (Fahrenheit Or Celsius temperature display).

Parameter of JT-21 Eelectric Wax Knife


220V/50 Hz±10%




Temp selection:



1 set


Standard package: standard export carton

Delivery time:

5-15days after  payment

Payment term:

L/C,T/T, Western Union

The Details of JT-21 Eelectric Wax Knife

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