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UM-80G Dental Image Machine

UM-80G Dental X-ray machine consist by x ray tube head, console, frame, it is the fixed X-ray machine.

Product Working Principle of UM-80G Dental Image Machine

High voltage generator provide high voltage on both ends of the X-ray tube filament and a metal target, X ray tube cathode filament produced a large number of electrons in a vacuum tube high-speed movement, hit the metal target, to produce x-rays.

In hospital when using dental X-ray take image, X-ray generator emit x-rays through the body teeth, muscle groups such as density, will be through the body's tissues with image information of X rays by dental medical film image receiver, show the density of different tooth tissue images, used for clinical diagnosis.


1. The scope of application: dental X-ray machine get the human oral cavity image by x ray photography used for medical imaging diagnosis.

2. The scope of using: Need trained oral dentists or technician to use. For adults and children's Diagnosis.


Use the international advanced technology, high-efficiency, clear imaging

Low leak radial, is only l %of national standard

Light touched button, controlled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the exposure parameter, fast and accurately

Developing in light room, image in one minute, the doctor can diagnose conveniently for maximum

Pneumatic up-down seat, more convenient and more comfortable

It is for the use of the digital imaging system of mouth

Specification of UM-80G Dental Image Machine

Power supply: AC220V+ 10%, 50Hz, 1KVA

Tube voltage: 70kVp

Tube current: 8mA

Focus size: 0.8mm

Total filtration: 2.5mmAL

Exposure time: 0.2-4sec

Leak radiation: Outside one meter ≤ 0.002mGy/h

(National standard: 0.25mGy/h)

the Base can choose floor(fixed) mounted or mobile type

The Structure of the UM-80G Dental Image Machine



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