X-12Q Five Layers Of Self-protection Dental X-ray

This machine is DC high frequency portable, small size, light weight, almost no radiation. Manual buttons are mounted on the surface of the housing for easy operation. All components are mounted on a central PC board. Insulated vacuum and sealed lead plate protection make it unique. This unit is mainly suitable for the diagnosis of internal tissue structure, root depth, and so on before oral treatment. It is essential in the clinic, especially with implants. The battery is durable and can take about 500 photos when fully charged. It can be used with digital X-ray imaging sensor in oral cavity.

Features of X-12Q Five Layers Of Self-protection Dental X-ray

1. Variable frequency control: Clear shooting, No radiation to the doctor, Suspected of filtering, Small radiation to the patient.

2. The body can automatically sleep, with battery protection.

3. High frequency easy to use X-ray unit with low radiation dose and small size.

4. Suitable for not only traditional oral X-ray film imaging but also RVC digital sensor imaging.

Parameter of X-12Q Five Layers Of Self-protection Dental X-ray


X-ray tube high voltage


X-ray tube current


Load time


Loading leaky radiation


Rubber distance


Line field limit diameter


Lithium battery capacity


Tube life

20,000 hours

Total weight



German imported tube

(VFD frequency conversion technology) PWM pulse width modulation

Microelectronic intelligent drive

LCD display

Digital control board

Four layers of pure lead protection

5000mah lithium battery

Ray filter

Remote control (multi-function suspension)

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