BLX-5 Simple And Easy To Handle Dental X-ray

The machine is mainly used in dental clinics, to check out before treatment, and to be used for comparison and confirmation during and after treatment. It is an indispensable piece of equipment for daily work within a clinic. Some examples of its use include checking tissue structure, the depth of the root, the degree of inflammation, and for the inner inspection of broken teeth.
The machine is made up of two parts: the main unit and the ball head. The main unit includes the power supply,central data processing unitK, and the part to shock, enlarge, and feedback. The ball head is made up by components with functions of controlling pressure and frequency and ball tube, vacuum sealed part, etc. The shell is from an injection mold with lead sealing protection.

Characteristics of BLX-5 Simple And Easy To Handle Dental X-ray

1. No protective operation roommis needed when installing the complete machine.

2. flexible adjustment the position and angle of hand piece, simple and easy to handle;

3. develop dental film in daylight, no darkroom needed

4. compact in volume, light in weight; convenient for carrying;

5. time is adjustable, high contrast of picture, imaging of focus;

6. radiation leakage is in accordance with international standard(IEC601- 1-3.1993)

Technical Specification of BLX-5 Simple And Easy To Handle Dental X-ray

Power (V)

AC220 50HZ

Tube voltage


Tube curren



30 KHz

Time of Exposure


Radiation Leakage

<20μ gy/h

Rated power


Environmental Temperature


Installation Steps of BLX-5 Simple And Easy To Handle Dental X-ray

Installation Steps

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