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X-12D Domestic Sphere Dental X-ray

UM-X12D Dental Portable X-ray Machine is a portable X-ray machine with domestic ball tube, frequency conversion control, ultra-clear shooting, automatic sleep, extremely low radiation and four layers of protection.

Specification of X-12D Domestic Sphere Dental X-ray

Tube voltage: 60KV

Tube current: 0.28mA

Focus size: 1.5mm

Total filtration: 2.5mmAL

Exposure time: 0.3-1.5sec

Leak radiation: Outside one meter < 0.25MG/h

Unloaded leaked radiation:<0MG/H

Focal spot to skin distance:100mm

Lithium battery capacity:24V3A/5000mAh

Tube life: average 10,000 hours

Working frequency: 30khz Total

weight: 1.8kg

The Characteristics of UM-X12D Domestic Sphere Dental X-ray

1. Small in size and light in weight, female doctors can easily operate the X-ray machine beside the chair with one hand

2. Dental implant, root canal special × light machine, frequency conversion electronic technology, digital control

3. Small power, small tube current, small radiation, high safety performance, responsible for themselves and patients

4. It can be flushing in the bright room, and the film can be released quickly, improving the working efficiency and saving the working time

5. The high frequency drive has higher clarity. All types of dental slices and lotion solution in the open consumable market can be matched with the high-definition digital sensing system

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