UM-1920 Suitable For 20 Dental Chairs

The difference between UM-1920 and UM-1930 is that UM-1920 drives 20 dental chairs to work,and the current and power are less.

Parameter of UM-1920 Suitable For 20 Dental Chairs

Voltage: 230V 50Hz

Electric current:37A



Start pressure:0.8Mpa

Air tank volume: 300L



Gas tank weight:78kg

Main unit size:135 * 55 * 110cm

Tank size: 60 * 60 * 165 cm

Maintain with Support of UM-1920 Suitable For 20 Dental Chairs

1.For insuring the safety, compressor work the hour strictlies forbid to touch on board any a piece.

2.This machine is for having no oil compressor, strictlying forbid toencourage the lubrication.

3.The environment temperature of this machine usage is 5℃ ~ 40℃.

4.Cleaning must not sprinkle water on the whole board, apply dry cloth to wipe clean, the dust above, be careful to smash.

5.Use to please cut off the power awitch after completing.

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