UM-1930 Suitable For 30 Dental Chairs

Composed of compressor head, air storage tank, air dryer system, condensate valve, pressure switch, valve, pipeline, etc. It provides a source of compressed air during oral treatment operations.this air compressor can drive 30 dental chairs.

Parameter of UM-1930 Air Compressor

Voltage: 230V 50Hz

Electric current:50A



Start pressure:0.8Mpa

Air tank volume: 300L



Gas tank weight:78kg

Main unit size:135 * 55 * 110cm

Tank size: 60 * 60 * 165 cm

New Configuration:

1.Independent power switch

2.Independent overload protection switch


1.Anti-rust treatment in the gas storage tank

2.Automatic drainage device

3.Air source drying purification device

Video of UM-1930 Air Compressor

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