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Dental Trolley Dental Cart

Medical cart has always played a pivotal role in the medical field. It can become a movable workbench, making medical staff work more conveniently and quickly in the medical process. It can be used in combination with some medical instruments and has a very wide range of applications. Dental cart is a kind of medical cart, generally used to place some dental consumables, small equipment, etc., which can greatly reduce the operation burden of nursing staff. As medical needs change, the demand for dental carts is getting higher and higher. We need to start from the user's point of view, consider the modeling, material, technology, man-machine and other factors, with a more humanized design to meet the user's personalized use.

As a professional wholesale dental supply company, we also offer Mobile Dental Cabinet and General Dental Cabinet.

What Are The Requirements For A Dental Cart?

1. Easy to move, easy to operate, can quickly arrive at the medical site for use;

2. Ergonomic design to create a comfortable working environment for users;

3. Space-saving technology to place equipment wherever needed;

4. The overall shape is simple and intuitive, giving people a natural, friendly and beautiful feeling

Parameters Of The Dental Trolley


upper plate:390*360

Middle plate:320*210

below plate:400*360


carton size:67*42.5*13.5cm

Options:plug seat:US$7.5/set

Size Of The Dental Trolley

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