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Usage and Maintenance of the Dental Suction Unit

Nowadays, dental hospitals and outpatient clinics are generally equipped with independent dental electric suction units connected to the weak and robust suction on the dental chair. Through a separate suction system, uniform treatment, and discharge to the outdoors, the comfort and safety of doctors and patients are ensured, and the treatment efficiency is also improved.

Ⅰ. How to use the dental suction unit

1. Open the main circuit breaker to power the dental electric suction unit.

2. Before the first power transmission, check whether the phase sequence is correct. If the phase sequence is correct, first rotate the emergency stop button to the right, turn the manual automatic knob to the right, turn other knobs to the left, and press the start reset button. At this time, the dental electric suction unit is in the standby state.

3. When the intensity changing suction for dental office of any dental chair starts to work, the negative pressure value of the control cabinet screen should be at 1600kpa.

4. Open the backwash tap water valve. 

5. After working, disconnect the main circuit breaker and close the backwashing tap water valve.

Ⅱ.  Maintenance of the dental suction unitl  

1. Daily spot check of dental air suction: clean the dust, suck 1L clean water from each dental chair every day, clean the pipeline, check whether the hanger is hung in place and whether there is abnormal sound.  

2. Maintain the dental extraoral suction system every half a month: clean the tee filter (with a special wrench).

3. Maintain every six months: clean the dust of the unloading valve.

4. Annual maintenance: tighten the wiring screws and check (replace) the unloading valve.

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