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UMG-IX 2 Student Positions Dental Simulation Practice System

A complete system for 2 students reproducing the dental clinic envieonment and simulating realistically various clinical treatment procedures.

This dual-head simulation teaching system has a simple and elegant appearance. The rotatable instrument hanger facilitates the operation of the user. The multi-function foot switch can control the oral cavity. The all-steel universal manual handle can easily continue to turn the simulation phantom head. Storage space.

The Standard Accessories of UMG-IX Dental Simulation

Standard Accessory:

- 02 unit on a rotary arm (01 per student position)

- 02 syringe 3-way (01 per student position)

- 04 handpiece tubes (02 per student position)

- 02 manometers (01 per student position)

- 02 electrical sockets (01 per student position)

-02 dental stool

- 02 independent pressure control for regulation

(01 per student position)

- 02 Adjustable LED with sensor surgical light

(01 per student position)

- 02 Foot controller (01 per student position)

- 02 phantom head and stainless

holder (01 per

student position)

- 02 clean water bottle and waste

water bottle(01

per student position)

The Advantage of UMG-IX Dental Simulation

Each workbench has 02 student positions; Structure made in metal with high-temperature epoxy coating; Worktop made in Medium Density Fiber Wood.

with high-temperature epoxy coating The table leg with adjusted foot the height can be adjusted if the floor out of flatness.

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