UMG-IV Adjustable Phantom Head Dental Simulation Practice System

With this manual oral teaching simulation system, the simulation head model can be installed on an existing table and can be adjusted up and down.

The Standard Accessories of UMG-IV Dental Simulation

High speed handpiece tube

Low speed handpiece tube

3-way syringe

Phantom head(adjust 90degree, and also can


inside, outside, up and down)

Clean water bottle

Saliva ejector

Foot switch

LED lamp

Table for manikin complete

Dental Stool

Power outlet


Air turbine handpiece (high speed handpiece)

Air motor handpiece set( low speed handpiece sets)

The Advantage of UMG-IV Dental Simulation

The UMG-IV display can be hidden, placed on the desktop when needed, and lowered into the table when not needed.

The Detail of UMG-IV Dental Simulation

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