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UMG-II Double Draw Dental Simulation Practice System

UMG-II The phantom can be fully moved back & forword, Fully computer-controlled simulation headform tilting movement, 180 degree rotatable instrument hanger. Stainless steel instrument tray can be installed according to customer requirements.

The Standard Accessories of UMG-II Dental Simulation

Moveable simulated therapy machine

Advance imitation head model Patient simulator,

cranium with jaws, tooth model, face mask,

pneumatic patient positioning system.

High speed handpiece tube

Low speed handpiece tube

3-way syringe

Water purification system

Weak suction system

Multifunctional Foot switch

LED lamp

Workbench(metal frame)

Mobile unit for phantom head(wooden & ABS)

Dental Stool

Power outlet


Air turbine handpiece (high speed handpiece)

Air motor handpiece set( low speed handpiece sets)

Dust collector

The Advantage of UMG-II Dental Simulation

This style table top is divided into three kinds of metal frame wooden table top, metal frame marble table top, metal frame stainless steel table top, different table tops have different textures and different effects.

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