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UMG-I Electric Simple Dental Simulation Practice System

UMG-I Complete sets with sentor LED operation light, instrument tray, this is best choice for training system which needn't operation table.

Dental Simulation System is suitable for dental students to study treatment and operation on oral disease. The equipment movement is controlled by the function key of microprocessor (head movement by electric control). It adopts low voltage DC motor and features with simple structure and convenient operation.

As a professional wholesale dental supply company, we also provide UMG-II Double Draw Dental Simulation Practice System,  UMG-II-PLUS Pneumatic System Dental Simulation Practice System and other dental simulation units.

The Detail of UMG-I Dental Simulation

Standard accessories:

High speed handpiece tube

Low speed handpiece tube

3-way syringe

Water purification system

Weak suction system

Foot switch

Mobile unit for phantom head complete

LED lamp

Dental Stool

Power outlet


Air turbine handpiece (high speed handpiece)

Air motor handpiece set( low speed handpiece sets)

The Advantage of UMG-I Dental Simulation

We can customize accessories to increase functions according to customer requirements and support OEM

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