UM-Z3 Implant Practice Model

UM-Z3 Transparent implant model (for doctor-patient communication use).This model can clearly show the real clinical implant procedure and effects after repairment,One single crystal tooth model, you can find the implant which integrated by three parts through crystal, the stand and crown are made of crystal. it's clear, hard and no scratches.

Product introduction of UM Z3 Implant Practice Model

This model includes

1. transparent crystal base;
2. 5 times the actual implant and abutment connection;
3. porcelain crown;
4 hand implant wrench.

Total model height 11cm base width 5cm base height 7.5cm planting nail length 6.5cm weight 0.6 kg

Parameter of UM Z3 Implant Practice Model

Product Name:

Crystal implant teeth model for demonstration


the big: 5*5*8cm   the small: 3*3*8cm

Material :

crystal glass


1.In PP pack;
2..wrapped In foam /bubble wrap;
3.In export carton .

The Details of UM-Z3 Implant Practice Model

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