UM-Z2 Implant Practice Model

UM-Z2 is an implant practice model with silicone soft gingiva and gingiva-free gingiva, with different tooth positions missing

Product introduction of UM Z2 Implant Practice Model

The mandible is designed specifically for dental school models to teach students practice and understanding such as: dental procedures, drilling for bone implants, and gum sutures.Gain training experience in the operation of dental implants.

Parameter of UM Z2 Implant Practice Model

Teeth model

 Dental Implant trainning and education practice


 imported resin and silicon

Teeth model fix method

can be put into dental phantom head

Teeth model gum

you can choose with gum or without gum

Dental model Function

The gingivae is made of silicon Student can practice cutting and suturing.

The Details of UM-Z2 Implant Practice Model

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