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Stamotology Teaching System

Two-way Stamotology Teaching System Introduction
1.Install high-definition camera and central control screen on the teacher side,and install camrea and common screen on the student side.

2. when teacher operate,the teacher teaching side taking video and broad casting teacher operation,all students can clearly observe how the teacher operate from their own screen,when students operate,the students screen and cental contal screen show how the student operate.
collecting summarizing and processing of the video data of the students ,the teacher can obsever the students operation through cental contal screen , timely guide and correct the irregular operation,improve the teaching quality and efficiency.the central control screen can display different student practical video at the same time ,and also can enlarge a student's operation video.

Standard Accessories Pf Stamotology Teaching System

Sony BIONZ image processor

1) Exmor CMOS photo sensor supply high quality and sensitivity image

2) Sony BIONZ image processor with lower diffraction

3) Built in Stable Zoom: stable focus and anti-shake

4) Digital Intelligent reducing noise function

Specification of lamp

DPI: 1920*1080 P60

Magnification: Optic:30X(20X option)

Outlet: SDI, HDMI(option)



Color temperature:yellow light 4500K, white light 6500K

Voltage:AC/DC:12-36V, 3.5A


Lamp arm and column 22mm/26mm

Wireless foot controller:2.4G

Specification of Monitor:

Monitor: 21.5inch

DPI: 1920*1080 P60 SDI X1

Video inlet : HDMI X1, DVI X1

Video outlet: SDI X1, HDMI X1

AVI, 30fps

Audio input: blue teeth option

SSD hard disk: 640G

Video time: 4 hours(64G SSD)

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