JT-50 2 IN 1 Waxing Unit

This is an imaginative constructure and ingenious two-in-one Multifunction Waxing Unit,which combines the function of the wax with the function of electricity wax knife together perfectly.

It takes sensitive and practical electronic induction switch,and accuracy numeral display system.

Description of JT-50 2 IN 1 Waxing Unit

1. This is one high quality wax pot ideal for all dental applications. Its temperature controlled heating system gives you a broad temperature range. In addition, this wax pot features an insulated thermoplastic housing which remains cool while wax stays hot!

2. It has the function of waxer carving knife machine pen 6 wax tip pot as well.

3. Illuminated On/Off switch

4. Indicator light that goes off when unit reaches desired temperature

5. Electric knife you can work at temperatures 50 ℃ to 200 ℃ with button

6. Temperature controlled rapid heating

Technical Data of JT-50 2 IN 1 Waxing Unit




100-240V, 50-60Hz



Temp Selection (Wax Pot):


Temp Selection (Wax Knife):


Packing List of JT-50 2 IN 1 Waxing Unit

1* Main Unit
6* Tip
2* Pen
2* Pen Base

The Details of JT-50 2 IN 1 Waxing Unit

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