JT-10 Dental Visualizer

Mainly used for observing models in dental laboratory model design

Check the undercut condition of each abutment and mucosal tissue with the analysis rod of the observer, and draw the observation line of each abutment, which can determine the number and distribution of the abutment and the position type of the major connector

The size of the undercut of the abutment is conducive to the fixation and placement of the denture, the inspection of the undercut of the soft tissue, the design of the boundary of the base extension, etc., which can be used to determine the common seating path of the denture and prepare for the replacement of the denture

Feature of JT-10 Dental Visualizer

  1. Small and convenient,simple to use, Strong adaptability

  2. Use the sharing lever of dental surveyor tools to inspect concave condition of in abutment box, plot the distribution of abutment teeth number box, type and location of clasp and large connectors.

  3. The inverted concave size of abutment is favorable to the fixation and placement of dentures.

Specifications of JT-10 Dental Visualizer




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The Details of JT-10 Dental Visualizer

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