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SV042 Dentist Chair

The back supported dentist's chair is ergonomically designed to help the doctor stay comfortable at all times.The chair's ergonomic features are beneficial to anyone who sits in a position for long periods of time.In addition, the stool boasts pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable backrest and seat tilt options for exceptional flexibility.By tweaking it in a variety of ways, you can ensure that your height and body shape are optimally supported.For beginners, it is also easy to operate.

Features of SV042 Dentist Chair

Carrying capacity:135 Kg

Adjustable the height of backrest

Adjustable the inclination of backrest

Gas cylinder lift for seat height adjustment

Minimum seat


Advantages of SV042 Dentist Chair

1. One year warranty

2. Comfortable seat, can be used in hospitals, dental clinics and other places

3. Free lifting, free rotation, free lifting 360 degree rotation

4. Strong chassis, the base is made of high-quality materials, which is very strong and durable

5. High-quality gas rod, flexible lifting, integral molding, hydraulic gas safety and explosion-proof

6. High elastic pressure sponge, high density, strong pressure resistance, comfortable and durable

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