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Dental Diamond Bur

UMG dental diamond bur made of multi-plating diamond particle and adopted advanced production technology with unique production process.

Our goal is making best quality diamond burs, higher grinding efficiency, longer life time. High Quality Control 100percent inspection with laser measurement machine, cutting test and strength test for each lot are performed.

All products comply with our own standards which are far more strict than I. S. O. Standards

FAQ of Dental Diamond Bur

Q1, How is the diamond work parts plating and shank?

A1: Work parts: Use the high quality and multi-plating diamond particle, even some burs in the first level surface losing there will be new and sharp burs to substitute and work continue.

The shanks are made of top-grade stainless steel, which are hard and tensile and don't break or bend easily or never rusty.

Q2, Is UMG diamond burs suitable for all kinds of dental work pieces?

A2:usage: For finishing, carving and smoothing the slight parts of all kinds of dental work pieces. such as steel teeth/steel frame/ inner steel crown(not suitable for the out face of the

crown) Porcelain teeth/resin teeth/resin base.

Q3, How is UMG diamond bur's standard and grit?

A3: All base on I. S. O. Standards color and grit. Please refer quotation sheet bur's chart.


Q4, How to use?

A4:Before using UMG DIA-BURS, please see the instruction as indicated below.

1) Insert the shank into the handpiece according to the instruction of the handpiece manufacturer. Insertion should be the full length.

2) Before use, run the instruments to make sure there is no descentering. If the instruments become bent, be sure to remove them from any further use.

3) Please always use spray.

4) A Plentiful water supply is necessary to maintain long-lived performance and also to prevent loading and pulpitis.

5) Handle with care not to put excessive load. Pressure should be 20 to 50p for all instruments with diameter up to 023.

6) Use max. allowable r.p.m. of each instrument to avoid a possibility of being injured due to

breakage. Avoid levering, tilting, twisting and jamming motion. Do not work with a pulling


7) Wear a safety glasses and/or face mask to protect from being injured.

8) Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200, including drying process. After using, follow appropriate treatment as the medical waste.

Q5, What's kind of Certificate do you have?

A5: CE, FDA and ISO.

UMG  Dental bur advantage

Each diamond sand are arranged very precisely, coating are laid moderately.

Product Advantages of Dental Diamond Bur

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