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Dental Compressor VS Ordinary Compressor

1. Understanding of dental compressor machines

Dental compressors for dentists are an essential element in dental procedures and are essential to the continuous operation of your practice. Different from ordinary compressors, dental compressor machines are the heart of dental surgery.

2. How does the dental compressor machine work?

Dental compressors compress, clean, dry and store the air that powers handpieces as well as certain functions in dental treatment centers and handpiece cleaners. Dental compressors are different from dental procedures because they lower the dew point of the compressed air, remove impurities with an in-line filtration system, and remove moisture from the air with a compressed air dryer to protect your equipment.

The use of dental compressor machine is strictly regulated as it must meet high hygiene standards. This is to protect dental patients from contaminants that could cause infections or other problems. The penetration of oil and other particles into the air stream is prohibited, so operating standards and regulations exist for the use of dental compressors. Standard oil-lubricated compressors can use filters to remove particulates, although these filters are expensive and require periodic inspection and replacement.

The efficiency of a dental compressor depends on the time it takes to increase the cylinder from zero to maximum pounds per square inch, which is also known as the duty cycle. Basically, the dental instrument manufacturer has recommended compressor boost times as well as suggested duty cycle times. If you have an older compressor, monitor its performance regularly, if it runs too long to maintain pressure, there may be a leak in the system or a degraded compressor.

Also, monitor the air quality produced. To check how clean the air is, you can do a simple test with a small mirror. Just blow air from your phone onto the mirror. Any debris, oil, moisture or contamination emitted will clearly show up on the surface. Dental and dental medical compressors can provide insufficient oxygen, so the quality of compressed air needs to be very clean. Oil-free air compressors can provide oil-free, odorless, hygienic, clean, and dry air, which will not cause harm to the health of patients. Many medical equipment need to be driven by dental compressors. Oil-free air compressors can provide oil-free and clean compressed air quality, which can protect expensive precision instruments and equipment from oil pollution and damage.

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