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Core Center of the Dental Clinic - Oil less Air Compressor

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the performance and requirements of medical and health equipment. Oil less air compressor is increasingly popular among people because of their many advantages, and the demand is also increasing. The medical oil less air compressor series produced by UMG has the following benefits:

Ⅰ. The air compressor can provide an oil-free, tasteless, clean, and dry green air source

As gas is in direct contact with the human body, if the compressed air contains oil molecules, it will damage the oral health of patients and affect the medical and health environment. Because the commom medical 12 volt oil less air compressor for dental chair does not have the setting of air compressor oil, it can ensure the oil-free nature of the gas produced after compression by the air compressor. It can effectively protect patients and the surrounding environment. It is an inevitable choice for the medical and health gas supply system. 

Ⅱ. The air compressor can be more conducive to the treatment of oral diseases

Dental treatment work has high requirements for clean air. If the compressed air contains oil molecules, it will have a significant impact on the therapeutic effect. For example, in the work of porcelain teeth and baking teeth with a continuous air supply for a long time, the oil in the gas is produced, and the air cannot be continuously supplied for a long time. When the motor is overheated, it will automatically stop and require a long time to cool down to restart. The compressed air produced by an oil-free air compressor does not contain any oil. Dental air compressor for sale satisfies the treatment of oral diseases.

Ⅲ. The air compressor can effectively improve the service life of medical instruments

Dental instruments made by dental air compressors manufacturer have the characteristics of high precision and high technical content. Because oil molecules and carbon deposit have attributes of large particles, high viscosity, and poor cleanliness, the mobile phone's micro bearings and micro pneumatic motors will be bonded and worn, failing dental mobile phones and other instruments, which will significantly reduce their service life. 

In addition, the oil molecules in the air also have certain corrosivity, which accelerates the aging of equipment pipelines and gas circuits and affects the service life of the equipment. The compressed air produced by the medical oil-free air compressor is oil-free and carbon-free. During the use of equipment and appliances, there will be no high temperature or oil pollution damage to the body parts due to oil's viscosity, which dramatically reduces the body's energy loss during operation and greatly saves the operation cost.

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