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What Are the Methods of Judging the Quality of High Speed and Low Speed Dental Handpieces?

Ⅰ. High-speed dental handpieces

1. Main parameters to determine the quality of high-speed dental handpieces are noise, vibration, torque, and life.

2. Keep your phone noise below 65 decibels.

3. The runout of the movement shaft of high-speed dental handpieces is less than or equal to 0.02mm; The roundness of the core shaft is less than or equal to 0.01mm.

4. The inner diameter of the wind wheel is controlled at 3.165+0.02.

5. The balance accuracy of wind wheel is less than or equal to 0.0003g.

6. The electric spark drilling is used in the air inlet hole to make sure the precision and air inlet designed of high-speed dental handpieces is all in the center of the air gear tooth, ensuring that the torque of the phone is large.

7. Assembly is guaranteed to be in the 100,000-class purification table to ensure the cleanliness of the environment.

8. When the doctor is using the pressing shaft, the harder he grips, the tighter the clamping force is. Each shaft will check the clamping force, and it is OK if the clamping force is above 22N.

High-speed dental handpieces movement component is the core component of high-speed dental handpieces, composed of needle holding mechanism, driving needle turbine mechanism and precision miniature high-speed bearings.

The stability of the movement component affects the performance of the whole machine, also the most easily damaged and consumed parts in it. The most important requirement is that the clamping mechanism of the needle should be easy and reliable (that is, when the needle is easily changed, the needle is firm when it works).

The bearing is fixed with o-ring flexible fixation, which can reduce the noise of high-speed dental handpieces and prolong the service life of the bearing. The assembly of the movement is adjusted with nylon pad, steel pad and butterfly spring in the axial direction to adjust the bearing preload so that the bearing meets the working requirements.

The working principle of high-speed dental handpieces is relatively simple. Compressed air is used to enter the mobile phone from the connecting pipe of the treatment machine through the joint, and the turbine blade is rotated in the head to drive the needle to work at high speed, and then the low-pressure gas is discharged through the exhaust hole.

Ⅱ. Low speed dental handpieces

1. Straight machine main: long axis is the key, and its runout should be controled  less than or equal to 0.02mm to reduce vibration.

2. Bending machine main: low speed dental handpieces gear all adopt CNC processing to ensure the precision of each gear and reduce vibration.

3. The cylinder end of the motor is ground with a plane grinder, with good sealing performance to ensure that the gas does not leak, so that all the energy is converted into kinetic energy to ensure the torque of the motor.

In addition, the cylinder sleeve of the motor is made of alloy steel. The ordinary is made of copper, and the inner hole is polished to a mirror by grinding machine, thus extending the service life.

4. The drive shaft and the low speed dental handpieces gear are welded on the shaft by laser to ensure durability and torque. The gear shaft of it is made of 42 stainless steel and special heat treatment, thus ensuring the long life of the whole bend of it.

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