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The Design Purpose of Dental Treatment Chair

Ⅰ. What's the design purpose of dental treatment chair?

Dental treatment chair is very common in our life but this kind is different from the ordinary chair in its many functions and convenient, comfortable features.

Next we will introduce the design purpose of dental treatment chair to you. It's believed that a lot of people do not know this problem. Read on and hope to help those involved. 

There are more types of dental treatment chair. With the rapid development of science and technology, modern dental treatment chair has more role than before, and more comfortable to sit on.

The traditional dental treatment chair generally refers to a simple dental treatment machine with a price of less than 10, 000 yuan, which is common in towns and individual clinics with limited conditions.

Whereas, this kind of modern dental treatment chair is very good in convenient, comfortable, safe aspects. High-grade modern dental chair commonly has a variety of personalized operation procedures, which can rely on the physician's personality habits, set up different treatment position, and do procedural storage.

And in the control part, it has risen from the initial mechanical, electric control to air valve control, solenoid valve control, etc. However, this kind is a little more expensive, commonly 70, 000 yuan above. Certainly, it's expensive for a reason.

Because the dental treatment chair is used to make the patient more suitable for treatment, and equipped with anti-skid doctor chair and multi-role foot control device, the doctor can use the foot to control without stopping the operation of the instrument to achieve water, air gun switch action according to the need in the treatment process .

Therefore, the improved dental treatment chair is more convenient to use, of course, the design must be more difficult than before.

Ⅱ. The design of dental treatment chair on hygiene


Dental chair manufacturers attach great importance to health and environmental protection. According to epidemiological data, there are serious cross-infection problems in oral diagnosis and treatment in China. The infection rate of hepatitis B in dentists is 3~6 times that of the general population, and the positive rate of HBV in dentists is 25.8%.

Therefore, the prevention of cross-infection is an important factor to be considered in the design of dental treatment chairs. And now this have been taken into account when most of the dental treatment chair manufacturers design, and becomes more perfect.

For the dental treatment chair design content is here, if you are not very familiar with these then it is necessary to read the article carefully, of course, when using there are many other aspects of knowledge is also to master in advance.

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