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UM-WF2 PP Faucet Diverter Faucet Oral Irrigator

It's necessary to have a flush after dinner Dental experts point out that brushing teeth can only solve the problem of cleaning the surface of the teeth, so the gap between the teeth, especially the more important gum groove cleaning, also need to flush the teeth to complete New concept of dental cleaning - you need a dental flusher, do not want to regularly use the choice of dental floss users, for you to open up a new habit of dental cleaning.

Characteristics Of UM-WF2 Oral Irrigator

1. Use to connect faucet, connect or remove one second, do not affect faucet water

3. Easy to use, no plug in, no charge, no water storage is ready to use

3. Adequate amount of water is not limited by the amount of water until it is flushed clean

Accessories Of UM-WF2 Oral Irrigator

Inside 1 box:

* 1 Faucet diverter ---PP

* 1 Medical grade PVC hose

* 3 Handle Tips

* 1 wall rack attachment

* 4 standard faucet connectors

*1 standard hexagonal wrench


Parameter Of UM-WF2 Oral Irrigator

Net weight


Color box size

19*13* 4.5cm

Gross weight


Carton size

41*39*41 cm

Full carton gross weight


Packing quantity

48 sets

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