UM-U9 The Oral Practice Model

Medical training AIDS, UMG is your ideal choice, UM-U9 is specialized Oral mucosal suture model exam training model.

Precautions for Intraoral Sutures

1. Suture needles are commonly used curved and triangular needles for suture of the gingival mucosa.

2. Needle holders to choose different lengths and sizes of beaks and handles.

3. Wire scissors can be used for intraoral periodontal surgery to choose smaller blunt scissors. Commonly used ophthalmic scissors.

4. Sutures Periodontal surgery sutures often use black silk thread, which is easy to distinguish in the narrow field of view of the oral cavity, does not stimulate the oral mucosa, and has a certain tension and strength, is not easy to break, and is easy to operate. The length of the suture should be appropriate, usually about half of the length of the needle holder.

The Details of The Oral Mucosal Suture Model

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