UM-S22 White Alundum Teeth Model

UM-S22 White alundum teeth model, its hardness is close to that of a normal dental model, and it can be placed in any human head model. Students can use it to simulate the treatment of teeth training, including drilling, filling and abutment teeth. Its bite is very good, students can use it to take mold.

The Details of UM-S22 White Alundum Teeth Model

The Specifications of UM-S22 White Alundum Teeth Model

1. Good occlusal degree, can carry out clear occlusal training

2. The hardness is similar to the hardness of human teeth, which is convenient for students to carry out various training

3. Suitable size, can be put into any human simulation teaching head mold, convenient for students to operate

4. Full mouth standard tooth model, widely used.

Hardware Parameters of UM-S22 White Alundum Teeth Model

Product Name

White alundum teeth model






White alundum

Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental schools, hospitals and training institutions

Quality guarantee period

1 year

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