UM-P204 The Luggage Portable Dental Unit

This portable dental treatment machine is a portable and fully functional dental treatment equipment. The appearance is novel and beautiful. The outer box and panel are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which are light in weight and resistant to compression and fall. All treatment units can be stored in the box, which is convenient to carry when going out.

The first choice for oral treatment.

Advantage of UM-P204 The Luggage Portable Dental Unit

1.Easy to use: easy to take out, very light in weight, quick to open the box, ready to use when power is on;

2.Simple operation: simple operation, foot control;

3.Fashion appearance: suitcase-style design, compact structure, can be lifted, pulled, and retracted freely;

4.Complete functions: complete functions to meet the needs of routine use;

5.Stable performance: stable product quality, solid and durable;

6.Convenient maintenance: oil-free air compressor is used as the power source, no maintenance is required, only the sewage bottle needs to be cleaned regularly

Specifications and Parameters of UM-P204 The Luggage Portable Dental Unit

Product name

Portable dental treatment machine

Voltage frequency

110V-240V, 50/60Hz


600 w


118 l/min

Operating pressure



48 db

Net weight


gross weight


Product size


Accessories of UM-P204 The Luggage Portable Dental Unit

basic Configuration:

Silent compressor 1

Saliva suction device 1 high and low speed handpiece tube 1 set each

3 way syringe 1

Water purification bottle system 1 set

Sewage bottle system 1 set

Foot switch 1


Dental high and low speed handpieces, fiber optic handpieces

Portable folding chair

Oral lighting system

Physician seat (saddle chair)

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