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UM-M400 Strong Dental Suction Unit

This mobile suction machine is a mature mobile suction machine developed by our company. It has a filter and a gas-water separator, combined with an ergonomic design; strong suction, stable working performance and low working noise.

Parameters of UM-M400 Strong Dental Suction Unit

Model NO.






Max.nagative pressure(Kpa)


Working noise(dB)




Gross weight(kg)




Details Of UM-M400 Strong Dental Suction Unit

Advantages and Characteristics of UM-M400 Strong Dental Suction Unit

  • Sensitive response: rapid signal induction, strong suction force, can quickly reach the working state of high negative pressure suction;

  • Easy to operate: The product structure is reasonably designed, and the separation device and the sewage device are easy to disassemble and install, which is convenient for necessary cleaning and maintenance;

  • Novel structure: fashionable color matching, ergonomic structure design, reflecting the fashion and agility of modern healthy life, showing healthy vitality;

  • High vacuum: strong suction power, stable suction power during work, providing efficient negative pressure protection;

  • Stable performance: long working life, and no maintenance costs in the later period;

  • Convenient maintenance: automatic induction design, automatic control of motor start and stop, automatic sewage discharge;

  • Quiet and clean: ultra-low noise, brand-new design, let you enjoy the help that technology brings to healthy life;

  • Applicable fields: Provide negative pressure suction power in dental operations such as hospital dentistry and dental clinics.

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