UM-LS7 Root Canal Model

This teeth model UM-LS7 root canal model is suitable for root canal filling and cavity preparation. Pulp cavity wall staining, and pulp cavity wall staining, red, made of imported crystal glue, can clearly see the structure of the inner root canal, convenient for observation when root canal treatment. This root canal model is basically the same as UM-LS6, but the difference is that there is a crown on the top of this model, and the crown material is imported resin, which is convenient for cavity preparation.

The Details of UM-LS7 Root Canal Model

The Specifications of UM-LS7 Root Canal Model

  1. Root canal model with crown

  2. The seat is transparent for observation

  3. Medullary cavity wall staining, easy to operate

  4. The imported resin material is used as crown to facilitate the preparation of cavity

Hardware Parameters of UM-LS7 Root Canal Model

Product Name

Root canal model






Import resin and Crystal glue

Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental and clinics

Quality guarantee period

1 year

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