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UM-L20 Senior Manikin With Torso

It is mainly used in the experimental training of common diseases in oral medicine, prosthodontics, oral preventive medicine, oral maxillofacial surgery and other disciplines. The portable internship system with rich uses is so compact that students of stomatology department, hygienists and dental assistants can practice both in the workplace and at home, and improve their skills. Its functions are enough to be used in schools and practice places. It can basically meet the needs of oral practice course of various disciplines.

UM - L20 Senior Manikin With Torso Classification

UM-L20-1 Senior Manikin with Belt fixed on Chair



UM-L20-2 Senior Manikin with Clamp fixed on table



UM-L20-3 Senior Manikin with Belt fixed on Chair


Main Features of the Advanced Simulated Phantom

1. Protuberance of the lower jaw Condyle:  30 °

2. Slope of Lateral condyle:  15 °

3. Distance between the two condyles: 106 mm

4. Openning distance:  50° (Adjustable)

5. Head rotation Angle: X axis -45°/+45° , Y axis -10°/+45°,Z axis -75°/+75°

6. The Advanced Simulated Phantom can be equipped with a variety of oral teaching simulators, and match with the full standard dental teeth mould with cover.

7. Upturned head shell: It is made of UCC sanitary ABS plastic material,

and the shoulder body is made of PE plastic material, which is resistant to impact and easy to repair

8. Dimension: 35cmx16cmx53cm


10. Standard teeth model: 28 (Optional/32 teeth/Magnetic adsorption/Stationary )

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