UM-F2 Waterproof Portable Oral Irrigator

UMG Oral Irrigator with high pressure pulse ultrafine water column deeply cleaning mouth, remove food residue and harmful bacteria in the oral cavity and gently massages the gums. It can reach all areas to protect you from gingivitis and periodontitis to keep your oral cavity and your mouth clean and health.

Features of UM-F2 Waterproof Portable Oral Irrigator

1. Clean inter dental area effectively

2. Message gum

3. Simple one-button usage

4. Waterproof and washable

5. Jet water nozzle rotates in every direction

6. Rechargeable

Accessories of UM-F2 Waterproof Portable Oral Irrigator

1) Standard jet tip 2 pcs;

2) Periodontal jet tip: 1 pcs;

3) Orthodontic jet tip: 1 pcs.

Specifications of UM-F2 Waterproof Portable Oral Irrigator

1. Power Supply: AC100-240V

2.Operated by 2pcs of AA size NIMH rechargeable batteries(battery included)

3. Famous brand battery, Battery capacity: 1800mah

4.Water Pressure: 72.5-123Psi

5.Pump Frequency: 1,600/Min

6.Three operation modes for varying oral care needs---Soft & Normal& Pulse

7.Battery fully recharges in 8 hours

8.Operating time(Full charge): Approx.50 seconds per full tank, Approx 25-30minutes at normal setting

9. Water Tank Volume: 220ml

10. Multi-function jet tips

11. Convenient for travel and for office using

12. 1800ma rechargeable batteries

13. Imported water proof Motor

14. All material is medical and food grade.

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