UM-F01 Face Mark With Drainage

UM-F01 Face Mark with Drainage is a silicone face for the dental simulation head mold, which is easy to operate, feels real, and is soft and realistic.

Description Of UM-F01 Face Mark With Drainage

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practical work & students experience training.
Every step in the production of the Dental Manikins.
We offer you a broad range of phantom head models. They enable natural simulation of workflows across all areas of dentistry and
dental technology. This allows trainees to work extremely close to conditions in practice.
Your benefits: absolute closeness to reality, easy operation, few single parts due to modular design, low maintenance requirements.
The intrinsic flexibility of the phantom heads allows each work station to be designed individually - according to the training objective in hand - as well as being added to subsequently.
There's only one thing closer to reality than our phantom heads, jaw and teeth models and strip crowns, and that's the real thing itself.

The Details of UM-F01 Face Mark With Drainage

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