UM-C6 Permanent Teeth

Our tooth model UM-C6 Permanent teeth is a two-color, full mouth permanent tooth model. It has a total of 28 teeth. The upper and lower teeth are of different planing shapes, which is consistent with the size of the real teeth, and the ratio is 1:1. The box is packed in the sponge to protect the teeth. Two color tooth model, the comparative effect is obvious, the root crown is clear. The root canal of the tooth model can be well reflected by the tooth model after deplaning.

The Details of UM-C6 Permanent Teeth

The Specifications of UM-C6 Permanent Teeth

1. Two color permanent tooth dissection model, 28 teeth

2. The occlusal degree of teeth is good, and the display effect is realistic

3. It is packed in a customized box to prevent collision between teeth

4. It is made of high quality resin and the product is guaranteed

Hardware Parameters of UM-C6 Permanent Teeth

Product Name

Permanent teeth







Country of origin


Scope of application

Dental areas and training institutions

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Two colors on the teeth, packaged with box

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