UM-C4 Permanent Teeth With Straight Roots

Our dental model UM-C4 Permanent teeth with straight roots is divided into four types: Nissin type 28 permanent teeth, Nissin type 32 permanent teeth, Frasaco type 28 permanent teeth, Frasaco type 32 permanent teeth. These four kinds of teeth are straight root teeth, with screws, easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be installed on the dental model according to the type, and the operation is more convenient.

UM-C4 Permaanent Teech With Straight Roots has types of UM-C4 (28), UM-C4(32), UM-C4F(28), UM-C4F(32) for sale.

The Specifications of UM-C4 Permanent Teeth With Straight Roots

1. There are four types of teeth, which can be selected according to the needs

2. The single tooth is straight root and equipped with screws, which can be easily removed

3. The product can adapt to the same model of tooth model

4. The dental impression of the product is clear and the bite force is good

Hardware Parameters of UM-C4 Permanent Teeth With Straight Roots

Product Name

Permanent teeth with straight roots







Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental areas and training institutions

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Have four types of dental teeth,can choose according to the needs

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