UM-A7 Clear Polyster Study Model

This tooth model UM-A7 Clear polyster study model uses transparent soft gum as the gum, which can clearly show the shape of each tooth in the gum. There are several roots, which can be seen to any extent. In addition, the occlusion of this dental model is clear, which can be used as a model of impression for sampling. The external articulator can be disassembled, which is more convenient for students to operate and train.

The Details of UM-A7 Clear Polyster Study Model

The Advantages of UM-A7 Clear Polyster Study Model

1. High quality resin, durable material

2. The occlusion is clear, and the model can be taken out

3. Transparent soft resin gum, clearly showing the internal tooth state of the gum

4. Articulator fixed, easy to operate

Hardware Parameters of UM-A7 Clear Polyster Study Model

Product Name

Clear polyster study model





Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental schools, hospitals and training institutions

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Clearly and soft gum, can show the inner teeth clearly

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