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UM-A3F F Tooth Model

Our dental model UM-A3F F Tooth Model, which is made of frasaco articulator from Germany, is a small F with 32 teeth. Imported material, quality guaranteed. Among them, the teeth can be removed and the matching teeth can be replaced. The articulator can also be replaced. If you want to equip metal articulator and plate, please confirm the order quantity and contact us. There are two kinds of gingival colors, dark and light. Customers can choose according to their needs and preferences.

The Details of UM-A3F F Tooth Model

The Specifications of UM-A3F F Tooth Model

1. Frasaco articulator imported from Germany, fixed with screw and spring, double guarantee, good quality

2. Detachable dental model and dental granules, easy to replace and clean

3. Different colors can be selected for gums, and the choice of users should be respected

4. Articulator can be replaced with metal

5. The teeth are lifelike and the occlusion is good

Hardware Parameters of UM-A3F F Tooth Model

Product Name

F Tooth Model





Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental areas, for training and practice

Quality guarantee period

1 year


Can choose articulator and gum according to your choice

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