UM-A3 Standard Teeth Model (nissin)

Our UM-A3 Standard teeth model(nissin) is a dental model with 32 teeth, fixed with DP articulator and metal screw. The difference between it and our A2 is that it has 32 pieces of teeth, while A2 has 28 pieces. A2 articulator is FE, can be replaced by DP articulator, but A3 articulator is DP, but they can be removed, are nissin style, and have screws to fix the upper and lower jaw and the back, this is their similarities. Customers can choose 28 pieces teeth A2 models or 32 pieces teeth A3 models according to their needs.

The Details of UM-A3 Standard Teeth Model (nissin)

The Advantages of UM-A3 Standard Teeth Model (nissin)

1. Nissin style with DP articulator

2. It has 32 removable teeth, which can be used for tooth extraction practice

3. The upper and lower jaw and the rear are fixed with metal screws, which is convenient to operate without displacement

4. It can be combined with FE articulator freely

Hardware Parameters of UM-A3 Standard Teeth Model (nissin)

Product Name

Standard teeth model(nissin)






Resin, metal

Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental schools, hospitals and training institutions

Quality guarantee period

1 year


The teeth or articulator can be removed or replaced as needed

Teeth pieces


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