UM-7008 Soft Gum With Removable Teeth

Our model is a standard extraction model UM-7008 Soft Gum with removable teeth. The teeth of this model are made of high-quality materials, which are lifelike, firm and not easy to damage.  The teeth model totally have 28 teeth,and don’t have the size of 32 teeth. The gums of this model are soft and easy to extract. The gingiva is fixed with screws, and the gingiva will not fall off due to excessive force. The back is fixed with metal screws, which is firm and reliable.

The Details of UM-7008 Soft Gum With Removable Teeth

The Advantages of UM-7008 Soft Gum With Removable Teeth

1. Soft gum, simulation design

2. The tooth tightness is just right, which is convenient for tooth extraction practice

3. The maximum opening angle of the dental model is 180 ° for easy operation

4. The gums are fixed with screws, which will not fall off during operation

Hardware Parameters of UM-7008 Soft Gum With Removable Teeth

Product Name

Soft Gum with removable teeth





Country of origin




Scope of application

Dental areas, for tooth extraction

Quality guarantee period

1 year


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