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UM-502 5 Adjustable Modes Water Flosser

Brushing your teeth every day is not really clean, brushing your teeth every day, but whether it is ordinary toothbrush or electric toothbrush, on the inner side of the mouth, between teeth and other clean blind areas, it is difficult to be completely clean.

UM - 502 portable oral irrigator - a blunt namely net, tartar very well Nemesis, high-frequency pulse flexible downstream technology, thorough cleaning residue, removable water tank clean appears, nozzle to receive dust is convenient, and the accompanying does not occupy a space, clean, 360 - degree IPX7 waterproof, can be clean, the back wave point antiskid large particles, hold not slip easily. 250 ml large capacity water tank can be filled with water to meet the needs of a tooth cleaning, no need to repeatedly add water, intimate and convenient.

Description of UM-502 5 Adjustable Modes  Water Flosser

5 adjustable modes, 5 different water

pressure, high level water clean the dirty out from blind area of the mouth

Low mode: ≥30PSI

For people who have problems with gums bleeding and rhinitis

Soft mode:≥50PSI

Soft flush, for sensitive gums

Strong mode: ≥70PSI

Standard water pressure, clean efficiently, for daily oral clean

Pulse mode:≥90PSI

Alternate water pressure between standard and strong, recommend for female

DIY mode:≥110PSI

8 different modes with 8 water pressures from the lowest to the highest

Parameter of UM-502 5 Adjustable Modes  Water Flosser

Battery capacity




Water tank


Waterproof level


Water pressure range


Pulse frequency


Customized Various Dental Cleaning Methods

Standard nozzle:

Daily clean, clean food residue between teeth

Orthodontic nozzle:

For brace care, can wash food residue hide in brace

Periodontal nozzle:

Deep clean periodontal pocket, suitable for gingibitis and periodontal patients

Tongue cleaner nozzle:

for daily tongue clean, keep fresh of mouth

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