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Surgical Scissors

It is composed of a pair of middle connected blades, with a cutting edge at the head and a finger ring at the tail. Reusable.

Product Usage

Used for cutting human tissue and skin.

Model of Surgical Scissors


Surgical scissors 12.5cm Straight


Surgical scissors 12.5cm Curved


Surgical scissors 14cm Straight


Surgical scissors 14cm Curved


Surgical scissors 16cm Straight


Surgical scissors 16cm Curved


Surgical scissors 18cm Straight


Surgical scissors 18cm Curved

Product Difference of Surgical Scissors

Straight tip: It is usually used for superficial surgical procedures

Curved  tip: It is usually used for deep surgery operation, which is beneficial to expand the vision and more accurate operation.

Product Difference

Product Features of Surgical Scissors

  • High quality stainless steel material, high hardness

  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Can be high temperature and high pressure disinfection

  • Smooth surface, no scratches

  • Sharp edge

Products Use of Surgical Scissors

The thumb and the fourth finger are inserted into the two rings of the shearing handle respectively, the middle finger is placed on the shearing handle of the fourth finger, and the index finger is pressed on the shaft joint to stabilize and guide.

Products Use

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