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S2319 Multifunctional Dental Chair

Good design for your comfort

* More stable and great load bearing

* More sensible for arrangement and decoration

* High-end self-locking to ensure its flexible, stable and reliable

*Ergonomics design for your comfort

*Advanced control system to ensure accuracy and efficiency

*Modular design to ensure its reliability

*Touch screen to realize man-machine interaction

*Air control

*New instrument arm with 2 sets ball bearing ensures highperformance. Air locking system for easy manipulation

*Much safer and easier operation for your good experience

*Equipped with safety protection for safer operation *Assistant tray is easy to operate with four hands Motor control

*Switch between Induction and manual water collection

* Automatic pressure clean water system

*30 degree in horizontal rotation angle of dental chair provides more operational space for doctor

*Synchronized movement of chair offer great comfort for patient

*Chair safety system can prevent chair and unit work simultaneously, In addition safety system under backrest and base plateensures operation safety

Technical Parameters Of S2319 Multifunctional Dental Chair

Power supply

AC 220V, 50Hz

Air source

air pressure 600-800kPa

Water source

water pressure 200-400kPa





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