Rotary V-blue Flies

The files body adopts unique mirrored S-shaped cross section RECIPROC blue is packed sterile and independent Open for instant use, provide continuous and efficient cutting, and prevent cross infection Ensures efficient preparation and filling for extremely curved root canal Easily choose the right instrument Single files for root canal preparation Greatly reduce the preparation time mm nickel-plated short handle for more flexibility in the posterior.


Length: 21 25 31mm

Size of Rotary V-blue Flies

Size      21MM              25MM            31MM

R25     ENE+021 025       ENE+025 025        ENE+031 025

R40     ENE+021 040       ENE+025 040        ENE+031 040

R50     ENE+021 050       ENE+025 050        ENE+031 050

R25-R50  ENE+021ASS       ENE+025 ASS        ENE+031ASS

Follow polycrysta l niti alloy material CNC program

Classic silver, gold and blue activation

S-shape cross section.High efficience reciprocating motion.

One instrument can be finished root canal preparation.

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