Mouth Mirrors Handle

After the product is connected with the mouth lens, it can be used by the stomatologist for the oral examination of the patient.

Product information

Name: Mouth mirrors handle

Product Material

The handle of copper mirror is made of the materials specified in GB4423 or GB/T1220.

Product Model

Copper (hexagonal shank), stainless steel (octagonal shank SS, octagonal shank CS, round shank SS, round shank CS)

Product Advantages of Mouth Mirrors Handle

  • The surface of copper products is treated by electroplating nickel-chromium, and the surface of stainless steel products is treated by passivation.

  • The threads of the mirror handle are tightly matched to the threads of the lens so that there is no loosening or sliding.

  • The outline is clear and upright, without sharp edges, burrs and cracks.

  • Good corrosion resistance.

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