Luxating Elevators

It is tooth extraction or root extraction for the use of the screwdriver, reusable.

Product usage

Used for prying loose teeth, prying off root, residual root, broken root tip, etc.



Operation Method of Luxating Elevators

Examine the patient's teeth or gums to be removed, and select the right elevators. According to the actual situation of the diseased tooth, the tissue around the bad tooth should be separated first, and the prying range should be gradually increased by gently prying.

Instruction of Luxating Elevators

First, a sharp cutting edge was used to cut the gingival mucosa to achieve the purpose of separating the gingival. The luxating elevators was inserted into the periodontal space along the long axis of the tooth. By swinging back and forth, the periodontal ligament and the pine bone were cut off.


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