Face Shield

Anti-Fog and foam padded to provide extra comfort and safety against fluid and debris to the facial area. Coverage from top of the eyebrow to underneath the chin area. 100% Optically clear plastic barrier. Fits over glasses and face.

Specification Of Face Shield


Blue, green, white




Face shield is made of PET protective cover, Sponge. Non-sterile, disposable.

Application scope

Face shield is used when the examination of treatment protection, blocking the body fluid, blood splatter or splash.


The len is transparent and the surface is smooth. No scratches, cracks, ripples, bubbles, etc.

2. Face shield surface should be smooth, no burrs, no acute angle.

Use Method Of Face Shield

1. Open the package and take out the Face shield.
2. Place the Face shield on your forehead so that they match your face. Adjust to the appropriate state.

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