The Explorers are used to probe the lesions on teeth surface and gingiva.

Product Information

Product name: Eexplorer

Model: Single head: E1、R1、KP W、KP C2、KP C12、KP C15、KP WHO、KP C11.5C-3.5、KP C11.5B-3.5、KP C11.5B-5.5、KP C11.5B-9.5、KP QW、Double head: KP PQ2N、KP S23-C15

Product Details of Explorers

Touch apparatus with a thin working section at the end, usually needle, hook or round head, depending on the use. Reusable.

Quality Standard Parameter of Explorers

  • The hardness of the periodontal probe was higher than 500HV1

  • The periodontal pocket probe has good corrosion resistance and the surface condition meets the requirements of Class B in YY/T0149

  • The head of the periodontal pocket probe was firmly connected with the handle, and there was no loosening after the pull test and torsion test.

  • Ra value of the surface roughness of the periodontal pocket probe was less than 0.4um.

  • The head taper of the periodontal pocket probe is well balanced. Needle point sharp, no virtual point, roll point, broken point and distortion.

  • There was no sharp edge, burr or crack on the surface of the periodontal pocket probe.

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